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“Business Incubator” of the Technological Educational Institute of Peloponnese.


The main aim of the Incubator is to host and support start-ups of senior students or graduates of the Technological Educational Institute of Peloponnese, as well as of other interested parties from the wider area of Peloponnese, interested in being hosted in the Incubator.

The auxiliary aims of the Incubator include:

  1. All forms of cooperation with academic establishments and research centres, as well as Greek and foreign public or private bodies, with the aim of promoting entrepreneurship and research in cutting-edge sectors and other fields connected to the areas of study of the of the academic departments of the Technological Education Institute of Peloponnese.
  2. Provision of support, training and education on subjects of entrepreneurship and promotion of agricultural products, food and services, at undergraduate and / or postgraduate level, to individuals or legal entities, specific groups of the population (e.g. unemployed , sensitive groups), private businesses, public bodies, national or international organizations.
  3. Development of educational and information material, books, journals or manuals, presentations and technical bulletins on innovation and promotion of agricultural products, food and services.
  4. Dissemination of knowledge and information on entrepreneurship and innovation, by organizing or co-organizing with other Greek or foreign organisations conferences, seminars, courses, presentations and other scientific or cultural or economic events.
  5. Establishment of an Agricultural Economy Observatory of the Peloponnese.
  6. Provision of services to individuals or legal entities, private businesses or public bodies and national or international organizations.
  7. Provision of lifelong learning services, either independently or in cooperation with other institutions and incubators or with public or private sector organisations.

Stages of admission and stay

Selected start-ups and spin-offs may make use of the facilities made available by the incubator of the Technological Educational Institute of Peloponnese for a period of 6 to 36 months. The possibility of extension will be evaluated every six months, further to Application for extension of stay. The support provided to the `incubator participants is divided into three distinct phases:

Phase A: Pre-incubation programme of a duration of 3 weeks - during this phase, business teams benefit from the hosting services planned, and receive focused counselling and empowerment services, aimed at confirming the feasibility of their business idea (proof -of-concept). A key milestone of the first phase is the preparation of the Technical Feasibility Analysis of the business idea.

Phase B: Incubation programme of a duration of 6 months - successful completion of the pre-incubation programme allows business teams to focus on enhancing the marketability of their business idea with the assistance of the services of the incubator of the Technological Educational Institute of Peloponnese. In particular, at this stage, the members of the business team, must develop the basic Business Development Tools, i.e. a detailed Marketing Plan and an integrated Business Plan, with the support and under the guidance of mentors, consultants and other specialists of the incubator.

Phase C: development programme of a duration of up to 30 months - successful completion of the incubation programme and approval of extension of stay (upon request) allows business teams to strengthen and safeguard their presence in the target markets, while still hosted in the safe environment of the Incubator.

Phase D: Networking programme, without specified duration - successful completion of the Incubation and Development programme marks:

  • the "exit" of the business teams from the facilities of the incubator,
  • the establishment of new, innovative businesses (start-ups), if this has not already happened in the previous phases,
  • continuous support for new innovative businesses through privileged participation in individual networking actions and actions for the support of entrepreneurship implemented by Incubator.

Evaluation, selection and extension criteria

The evaluation criteria for admission to the incubator focus mainly on the innovative character and the degree of maturity of the business idea, the prospect of employment growth, and the degree of extroversion and competitiveness of the new products / services.

The ability of the business team to implement the business idea and develop it is equally important. Significant importance is attributed to the entrepreneurship-related characteristics and skills of the candidates, as well as to the complementarity of the skills and knowledge of team members.

Proposals are marked on each criterion, on a scale of 10. At the same time, each criterion is awarded a special coefficient of gravity. The mark on each criterion is equal to the product of the mark awarded during the assessment by the coefficient of gravity of the criterion.

The evaluation criteria are divided into four (4) main groups:

1st group: Business Idea, with a special coefficient of gravity of 40%. The following aspects are evaluated: originality - innovation - patent, degree of maturity / feasibility, response to real / predictable market needs (business opportunity), overall competitiveness of new products / services and extroversion.

2nd group: Business Team, with a special coefficient of gravity of 30%. The following are examined: relevance of academic specialisation to the business idea, relevance of professional experience to the business idea and complementarity of the members of the business team in terms of knowledge and skills.

3rd group: Business Idea Development Plan, with special coefficient gravity of 30%. The following are examined: overall competitiveness of new products / services, whether a marketing plan / business plan has been prepared - results, investment attractiveness of new products / services, environmental impact / contribution to sustainable development.

All the above evaluation criteria account for 70% of the total score.

4th group: Interview

Interview Criteria:

-          Entrepreneurial skills

-          Administrative skills

-          Personality of the candidate / business profile

-          Teamwork skills

-          Communication skills

The interview accounts for 30% of the total score.

Total Score = 0.7 × (0.4 × Business Idea + 0.3 × Business Team + 0.3 × Development Plan) + 0.3 × Interview.


Stay extension criteria

Upon expiry of the 1st phase (pre-incubation) and the 2nd phase incubation), stay in the incubator and use of the services of the incubator may be extended for another 5 semesters further to evaluation. The evaluation criteria for extending the stay in the incubator are: observance of the Operation and Utilisation Regulations of the incubator, and the number of pending approvals of applications. The Operation and Utilisation Regulations of the Incubator are determined by the Incubator Steering Committee (ISC) and approved by the Senate.

Audit / evaluation takes place at the end of each stage and every six months, with the aim of checking that the start-up has achieved the expected results. However, the Incubator Steering Committee (ISC) may at any time convene and decide the expulsion of any business from the incubator, in case of special reasons or irregularities related to its operation. These reasons may relate to serious deviation from the aim of the business, change of its physiognomy, lack of transparency of operation, deliberate illegal acts, general business ethics issues, etc.

Incubator Steering Committee (ISC)

The incubator is managed by 5 members, namely: the Director, the Deputy Director and three other members of the academic community of the Technological Educational Institute of Peloponnese.

Director: Dimitrios P. Petropoulos

Deputy Director: Vasileios Bampalos



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